Would You Rather? (Rarity Vs. Applejack)

Would You Rather? (Rarity Vs. Applejack)

I'm going to put you guys through a series of would you rather questions to see if you're Rarity or Applejack.

published on April 11, 201444 responses 19 4.6★ / 5

Would You Rather Jump In A Pile Of Needles Or A Pile Of Pig Poop?

Pile Of Needles.
Pile Of Pig Poop.

Would You Rather Get Embarrassed For Life Or Get Hurt For Life?

Get Hurt For Life.
Get Embarrassed For Life.

Would You Rather Wear A Big Fancy Dress Or Have Mud All Over You?

Big Fancy Dress.

Would You Rather Leave Your Family Or Leave Your Friends?

Leave My Friends.
Leave My family.

Would You Rather Eat too much or sleep too much?

Eat too much.
Sleep too much.

Would you rather eat bugs or sleep with bugs?

Eat them.
Sleep with them.

Would you rather face your fears or tell your friend that you hate him/her

Face my fears.
Tell my friend that I hate them.

Would you rather have the sun or never have the moon appear again?

Never have sun.
Never have moon.

Would you rather have your dog bite you or your cat scratch you?

Cat scratch me.
Dog bite me.

Would you rather live in the city or in the country?