does he fancy you?

does he fancy you?

do you think a boy likes you? maybe you like him and want to know how he feels or maybe your just wondering? well heres my guess! this is just for fun so please don't get your hopes up or get mad at me

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has he ever asked you to come out with him

all the time!
he has a few times
not once!
him and his friends have asked me to come out with them sometimes

do you like him?

yes! i would do anything to be his!!
yes, quite

do you think you could ever end up together? (relationship wise)

yes! defiantly
maybe. i think i could see it happening
i dont know
no, not at all

do you share any secrets? do you trust him? does he trust you?

we share loads! we both have complete trust in one another
a couple, i trust him, i think he trusts me
i know a few of his, and he knows a couple of mine, but we didn't tell each other them, we found
i dont trust him, he doesn't trust me

do you know if it finds you visibly attractive?

yes, he has told me before
i don't know, i would assume so
i have no idea
no! I'm ugly!

do you ever catch him looking at you

all the time!
time to time
not once

how much do you talk

almost everyday!
every couple of days
a bit
not at all!

how old are you?

10 or less

how often does he start the conversation between the both of you?

all the time!
some times
not at all
I've never even talked to him!

do you share any interests?

yes loads!
yes, quite a few
only a couple
not any

do you ever have close contact with him?

hand holding
sitting next to each other (by choice)
sitting next to each other (not by choice)
standing next to each other
walking together

how old is he?

10 or less

how long have you known each other?

it feels like forever!
a few years
about 1 or two years
less than a year