Would I like you? (Boys only) (1)

Would I like you? (Boys only) (1)

Just doing this for fun but please try, it should be interesting, so yeah. Thanks xx

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Would you rather

play tennis
play football
play video games
play with your dog
look in the mirror

On a date with your girlfriend. You want to

play video games with her
Play sport with her
Cuddle on sofa and watch movies with her
Go out for dinner with her and show her off with your mates (only if she's dressed up and looks hot)
Play wrestle with her

would you prefer to

Play video games for your weekend
Go out with your girlfriend for a day
hang with your mates

would you rather your girlfriend be

Someone who is there for you and will listen to you and give you advice
Someone to do cute stuff with
Someone to play video games with
Someone to watch you play footy
someone who you will put first and be there for

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