The Crush Game!

The Crush Game!

Are you and your crush destiny or just a crush? Find out here with a series of 10 easy questions on you and your crushes' relationship!

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Do you and him/her text/call each other often?

YES! Everyday, we call, text, kik, snapchat etc...I can't go a day without texting him/her<3
Ehh...if I'm lucky I'd get a text saying things like "what's up?" almost everyday. I wish we texted at LEAST once a week or have his/her number!
We text, like, approximately every other day.
Yes, occasionally we snapchat for alittle bit, but not 24/7.

Do he/she willingly talk to you first?

Sometimes...I usually have to start the conversation.
Nope...if we even do talk, which is at the minimum, I always say the things first.
It kind of alternates, like somedays I talk to him/her first and somedays its him/her who talks to me. It usually stays to one person.
OF COURSE! He/she's the awesomest person on the planet and I'm their bestie so duh...he/she always starts the convo
Yep! But sometimes its me, next its them, over and's a cycle! A dead half of the time, I start. The other half he/she does.

Does he/she know you like him/her?

YES! He knows I'm obsessed with her/him muahahah...
Yes but she/he isn't freaked out or anything like that.
NO, NEVER! That would ruin our amazing friendship! I can't tell him/her...
No...I just like him/her too much, and I can't risk him/her to stop talking to me.
Yes, and he/she started acting weird around me, like he was freaked out. Bad decision.

Does he/she say things like "ily" often?

YESS! Everyday, when we text, he/she says things like that! Does that mean he/she actually likes me?! :o
No! We barely talk! The feeling is sadly not mutual, most likely:(
Only occasionally, but too often. The less you say it, the more it means^.^
Yep! Almost everyday when we have to go, he/she says that!
Not really...he/she either said it to a few times or not at all.

Does he/she tell you everything?

No! He/she only told me what her/his favorite TV show is!
Everything? More like nothing!
Ummmm...DUH! He/she's my best friend, why wouldn't he/she?
He/she tells me some things, so they trust me, but not everything so he/she clearly doesn't trust me with their life!
I only know a few deep stuff about him/her.

Do you hang out with him/her often?

Not often, but maybe a few times, like once a month.
Eh...All I can remember is only a couple times we hung out, but it was in a large group; not one on one.
What do you think?! Everyday, monday through friday, we hang out!
Yeah, I'd say a fair amount, like once a week.
We sadly never hung out once:'( I wish we did!

Do you have less than 10 things in common?

We have exactly 10 things in common!
Ummm....lets see....we go to the same school...we live in the same's it, so yes!
No! We have above and beyond! We are so alike!!
Uhh...complete opposites attract, right? I hope...:/
Yeah! We have, like 5-9, if I counted correctly!

Do find him/her attractive?

Uh DUH! These questions are so stupid....
YES YES YES! She/he is soooo hot! Sizzling!
Omg of course! His/her personality is even more beautiful than his/her body!
Daww I can't say that to my basically bro/sis! Well...if you must know...yes.
Tbh on the outside, no, but the inside is perf!

What do you think your relationship would be like in 5 years?

Him/her and I married, with two kids, Billy, the 3 year old, Susan, the newborn, in a great big house on Main Street in our home town, with me as a/n (insert dream job here) and him/her as a hardworking business man/women, with a dog named Scruffy, and a cat named Fluffy. I guess you can say I have it all planned out;)
Hmmm...I guess we can only see what the future holds! Hopefully us as a happy couple:)!
Probably us in a relationship with us constantly fighting and arguing.
Us as enemies, because he/she is too freaked out to even look at me:(
Hopefully at least friends!

What is most favorite thing about him/her?

Dat sexy bod!(;
His/her trust for me! We are soul mates(:!!
Those beautiful eyes. That gorgeous hair. That striking smile. That adorable laugh. That perfect voice. That stunning body. He/she's just too flawless for my understanding:')
Ohmygosh I can go on and on forever, but then my fingers would fall off! Let's just say his/her personality is heartwarmingly perfect and their body is beautifully stunning.
The most beautiful thing that man/woman holds is their personality. They're words can light up the whole world and act us our sun!