what kind of lover are you?

This will rate what your really like as a lover. Are you caring, sensitive and considerate or just plain selfish.

published on September 18, 201164 responses 9 4.4★ / 5

Are you a considerate lover

My partner is important to me

Do you take your time to make sure your partner is heard and feels secure?

of course I do
Not really i'm too busy
My partner is always heard by me I think
I enjoy chatting about feelings with my partner

Do you take your time when getting in the mood or do you like to get straight to it?

Depends what mood I am in
Sometimes but I like to make my partner happy first
Not really I can't enjoy myself if my partner isn't on the same page
Who cares I got mine they can get theirs

Do you like cooking and cleaning the house in preparation for a romantic evening with your partner?

Hell no
yes i love getting things just right for my partner so we can have a fun night
I don't really mind either way..he knows Im not so tidy
If I cooked and cleaned my partner would think I was Ill
I always keep a clean house and I cook regularly so I guess I do like keeping things nice for my partner and me
I would never clean or cook for anyone they can do it for me

Would you be willing to learn new techniques in the bedroom just to keep it fresh and alive?

What for I am a legend anyway
Maybe depends what they were..not something too freaky
I would give anything a try once
Only if my partner was teaching them to me