Are you in love<3

Are you in love<3

This quiz will tell you if your in love with your boyfriend or just in it for the kisses

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What do you feel like when your around him?

A funny feeling in your tummy but at the same time its all so a grate feeling
Hurry up and plant me a kiss all ready
Like your best friend in the world is right next 2 you

How much times have you ever kissed

lots the kisses are the most important thing
everytime we kiss it's like the first time
We have never kissed
everytime we kiss it's like I fall in love all over again
once or twice were taking things slow

Dose he try holding your hand lots.

Yeah his sweet like that
I have to make him hold my hand

Has he ever told you he loves you

he has once or twice
The question is when is he never saying it

Do you think he loves you?

I don't no thats why I'm taking the test

Do you love him

hell yes

How long have you been going out?

few weeks
1 month
2 - 3 months
4- 5 months
6 months
7 months
8- 9 months
10- 11 months
1 year
more then a year

How old are you
this helps me find out if your
in love!

13 and younger
16 and younger
22 and younger
28 and younger
30 and older

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