Which Wing Are You?

Which Wing Are You?

At Four Feathers School of Witchcraft and Wizardry you are sorted into one of four "Wings." Which Wing do you belong in?

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The History of Magic teacher asks you a question that's not even in your years curriculum. How do you answer?

You already know the answer cause you're way ahead in your studies.
You brainstorm with facts you already know about the subject and answer to the best of your ability.
You ask if she just wants an answer or if she wants the right answer. Then you ask to go to the library to look it up.
You use a spell you learned to peek at the answer in the teachers notes.

You summon a beast for the first time in your 6th year. What do you summon?

A Fire Pixie.
A Jackalope!
A Tengu?
A White Buffalo.

You are lost in a forest alone and have nothing but those cloths on your back and your wand, what do you do?

You've studied maps and star charts. You use your great wealth of knowledge to lead yourself out.
You remember a spell that will lead you to a person you trust. You use this spell to guide yourself out.
You're not worried at all. You climb one of the nearby trees to get your bearings then skip and whistle you way out.
You're never lost. With a quick swish of your wand the trees around you bow in the direction you want to go as if to open a path. You walk out casually.

There is a troll loose on the grounds. What do you do?

Trolls are stupid. You set a pit trap and then whack it into submission with your staff.
You team up with a few of your Wing-mates and corner the troll in a hall and hold it a bay until a teacher comes to remove it.
You share you lunch leftovers with the troll and make friends with it before leading it back to where it should be.
You hop on your broomstick and fly at ground level with the troll chasing you until it tires and passes out from exhaustion.

Your friend has injured their leg, you are the only other person around and the injury is more than you can handle. What do you do?

Pick them up and carry them. It doesn't mater how far you have to go or how heavy they are, your friends are important to you and you'll do whatever you can to keep them safe.
You use the heeling spells that you know to alleviate the pain so that you both can make it to someone with more experience without causing further damage.
You cast a spell to shield your friend and order your Familiar to guard them while you go to bring back help.
You send your Familiar to get help and stay with your friend, telling them stories and keeping their mind off the injury until help can arrive.

You would describe yourself as....

Insightful and Non-combative
Reliable and Exuberant
Smart and Straightforward
Bold and Contrary

A strange man approaches you in Dogtooth. He gives you a rare seed that he claims will grow into Moly plant. What do you do?

(Moly: a magical Greek herb with a black root and white blossoms)

You take the seed and give it to the Herboliogy teacher the next time you see her.
Secretly plant it somewhere so that if it turns out to be fake you don't loose face.
Give it to your mother as a Christmas present. She likes plants.
Plant it in the greenhouse without telling anyone just to see what happens.

You are most afraid of...


It's cold outside and there is 2 feet of snow on the ground. What do you do?

Stay inside and wrap up in a soft blanket in front of the fireplace with a text book.
Go outside, dressed warmly, and build an igloo!
Start a snowball fight with my friends, neighbors, or family members.... INSIDE!
It's time to make snow ice cream and brew up some hot cocoa while watching the snow fall.

You just remembered that you have a 4 scroll paper to write on "The rise and fall of Meander Quiggly" and it is due tomorrow morning. What do you do?

I have an idea about what I want to write. I grab a self writing quill and walk around the room as I recite my paper and the quill writes it down.
I rush to the library and pull out every book that mentions him and, using my amazing speed studying technique, write the paper in just 2 hours.
I dig in my trunk for blank scrolls and then effectively take up the whole floor as I spread out my research, spending until just before dawn writing and re-writing my paper.
I sit around the common room fireplace with my Wingmates and discuss the topic, get a good nights sleep, and then write all four scrolls while scarfing down breakfast an hour before it's due.