a date with dean winchester <3

a date with dean winchester <3

well the title says it all so have fun and comment and rate bye P.S if you don't know who dean winchester is then LOOK HIM UP!!!! bye.

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me:hes on a demon hunt and he bumps in to you. dean:oh i'm sorry *looks at you up and down and smiles evily*.you:are you ok you look hurt here *gives him your number*. dean:ok thanks i'll call you. you:ok bye *blows kiss and walks off*. dean:*watches you walk and smirks*. me:your thoughts?

eewww don't call me please don't (me:you do not deserve him at all)

me:so you have a date and this happens when your walking home. you:*shivers*. dean:here *gives you his jacket*. me:your thoughts?

what a gentleman *giggles* (me:i know right *giggles*)
thanks for the jacket *runs away*(me:hey come back here!!!!*runs after you*)

me:he takes you to his car.you:*sees the car* wow i love your car. dean:what car thats my baby would you like to drive it? me: :-O uummm....your thoughts?

wow yes please (me:wow dean never lets anyone drive his car except sam and he only lets sam drive it once in a bluemoon!!!!)
i'll take the car but not you (me:-_-)

me:so he takes you to his house because a demon is at your house and your parents are out of town for 2 weeks. dean:i only have one bed sooo....*blushes hard*.you:oh thank you*blushes*. me:your thoughts?

wow!!!just WOW!!!!(me:yea me two)
eewww *leaves*(me:*chases you*)

me:so it gets really really cold and you start cuddling. dean*kisses your nack*. you:*giggles*. me:and then you know what happens....your thoughts?

wow *sighs*
eeewww i slept with him *leaves*