Your Kingdom Hearts Lover Prt 2

Your Kingdom Hearts Lover Prt 2

So, l Don't really get the point of making a description but, this quiz is just like the last one is to find out who your Kingdom Hearts ls. And, remember, if you don't like RP, done take this quiz.

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Okay, so, we left you off at you passing out into mysterious hands.

Oh, yeah, BTW, if you think I'm okay with being picked up by a shadow, your sorely mistaken.

Who did you get last time?


Your POV: I started hearing voices. I didn't know if I was crazy or if I was starting to wake up. I heard a boy's voice.
"Leon/Xemnas, do you think she'll be alright?" He said. what do you do?

Scream out "YES! I'm okay."
Slowly open my eyes
Jumpscare everyone and say "I'm fine!"
Just slowly get up and not really say anything.
Pretend I'm still asleep but breath hard to tell everyone I'm alive.

"Hey, I think she's waking up!" the same voice said.

Yes, that would be why I tried to jumscare everyone in the room. (duh). *Yawn*
*Nods head* *Yawn*
*Yawn* Yeah.

"Well, my name is (Y/G) (Your guy)."

*Say in a very quiet voice* "I'm (Y/N)."
"Well, My name is (Y/N)."
"HI! I'M (Y/N)
"Uuuuhhh, this is weird. But, my name is (Y/N)."