What kind of Animal Jammer are you?

What kind of Animal Jammer are you?

What is your personality on Animal Jam? What type of Jammer are you? Find out here!

published on September 07, 201614 responses 2
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How long have you played Animal Jam?

A day or two
A couple weeks
Almost a month
A couple of months to three years
A few months
About a year
A few years
More than three years
Since the beta days

What's your main look?

A necklace, old hood, and star cape
Something silly, like a mustache, and then some other random items
Any combination of rare items
I usually just find my animals all white with black X's for eyes and all my items gone. What's up with that?!?
Top hat, short spike collar, and a worn blanket
A rare long collar, worn, and rare long wristband
A top hat, spike, worn, elf tail armor, and elf bracelets
A sword, some type of gauntlets, a spike, and a rhino helmet
I never make looks

You see someone in Jamaa Township that is saying "Plz gift me a spike my long collar got scammed!" What do you do?

Nothing. What's a long collar?
I buddy them
I gift it to them. It's just pixels.
I gift them a few rares, and then go about my business
I gift them a wristband that I won in an adventure
Aww! I feel so bad for them! I gift them a bunch of things to make up for losing their spike!
I gift them a short wristband; I have over 20 anyway
I don't gift them anything! I want to keep my rares!
I don't gift them; it's obviously a scam.

What does your den look like?

It has a couple striped couches, a blue rug, a sturdy table, and a mat on the floor
It has a bunch of couches surrounding a rug. There are a bunch of plushies, claw machines, games, and toys!
It's full of rare items
It somehow is empty.. and so is my inventory! Weird...
It's showing off my plushie and toy collection
It's pretty empty; I usually don't decorate dens
It is filled with betas and rares
It has a whole bunch of fanart and beta items
It's full of different phantom-themed items and items from adventures

What annoys you most in Animal Jam?

When I can't do something because I'm a nonmember!
When my buddy list is full!
When I accidentally recycle a rare!
When I get hacked or scammed!
When my inventory is full!
When someone isn't accepting Jam-a-Grams!
When someone won't accept my trade!
When people surround me, screaming "BUDDY ME! OMG AUTO PLZ!"
When I can't get past a certain part in an adventure!

You see a Youtube video titled "FREE AJ MEMBERSHIP!" In the video, it says, "I have a generator that can give you free 12-month membership! Just comment your username and password down below! No hack I promise!" What do you do?

I put down my username and password. I can't wait to be a member!
I read the comments first, to see if anyone says that they got hacked by the person
I don't give my username and password. I don't want to take a chance on losing all my rares!
I comment my username and password! I trust the person!
I don't comment my username and password.. it's obviously a hack..
I see comments that say "YOU HACKED ME," and I ask what their username is so I can gift them
I don't put down my username and password - duh! They'll hack me and take all my spikes!
I ignore it! They're quite obviously a hacker! Then I make a video warning people about it.
I put down my backup account's username and password; maybe it's not a hack!

Which famous AJ Youtuber is your favorite?

Aparri, because he has so many spikes
Bepper, because she's so nice to her buddies
WisteriaMoon, because of her art collection
Julian2, because his main look is cool
TypicalRocky, because she's so generous
Etched, because when she got hacked, she bounced back from it
Myself, duh!
I don't know of any famous AJ Youtubers
All of them; they have so many rares!

What's your favorite thing in Animal Jam?

Discovering new things that I haven't noticed already
Getting new buddies
Buying a Rare Item Monday
When someone gifts me something
Getting something new for my collection
Gifting someone a rare
Getting another spike
Leveling up
Receiving heartfelt messages from fans

On a scale of 1-9, how much do you like Animal Jam?

1- I just started playing, so I don't really know that much about it
2- I'm always getting hacked for some reason, so I don't enjoy it that much
3- I really only play it so I can collect betas
4- I'm not obsessed, but I do enjoy trading
5- It's pretty fun and challenging to try to collect all the different types and colors of spikes
6- I love seeing Jammers' reactions when I gift them really rare items
7- I like the challenge of beating adventures and defeating phantoms
8- It's one of my favorite games! I love getting to hang out with all my buddies!
9- It is so fun to make videos and spend time with my fans!

When you're in Animal Jam, what are you usually doing?

Asking people questions
Spending time with my buddies
Trading for rares
Saying "Gift me unwanted!"
Decorating my den
Gifting people
Doing trade attempts for my spikes
Making a video
Playing an adventure

What land do you spend most of your time in?

Jamaa Township, so I can buddy people
Jamaa Township, so I can trade people
Jamaa Township, so I can say, "Please gift me, I got hacked"
Coral Canyons
Crystal Sands
The Temple of Zios
Anywhere that has lots of people, so I can gift them
I don't know the name of it, but it has a big pool of mud
I spend most of my time in my den