Which Madoka Magica Girl will marry you? (Guys only, sorry gals)

Which Madoka Magica Girl will marry you? (Guys only, sorry gals)

Want a quiz, guys? Well your dreams came true. Find out with Magical girl would date you.

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Which personalities matches you the most?

Hungry, carefree, sarcastic and somewhat kind.
Calm, thoughtful and courageous
Compassionate, elegant and sweet
Shy, assertive (When someone messes with your love ones), and lovable
Antisocial, intelligent, silent and rebellious.

What is your definition of a woman?

A woman that's wise and knows deeply about her man.
A woman that's not afraid to get rowdy at times.
A courageous woman that thinks about other's needs first before herself.
A woman that keeps the house tidy and cooks for a very tired man who works for both of their needs.
A woman who's lovable and cuddly.

Which way is the perfect way to meet your wife?

Meet her on the first day of school and ask her to sit with you at lunchtime.
Ask her for a dance in the ballroom.
Sit next to her under a cherry blossom tree
Take her to a boxing match and maybe a resturant afterwards.
Help save her from a raging beast.


I can be very self-centered and very sarcastic. I can only look at my feelings instead of others.
I can get too overprotective.
Sometimes, I still have fear and I can be a bit delusional and lose my head. (Haha, just a little pun. ;))
I can be too clingy to other people and I try too hard at things.
I'm sensitive.

Now to get a little out of topic....favorite color?

Pink.... (Don't worry, I won't tell. ^-^)

What do you like in your women?

Big boobs! (Me: O.o Moving on....)
A attitude. Good or bad, it suits her well. :3
A woman thats calm
The brains
Her pretty eyes and her soft voice.