What should you call your children?

Can't make a decision? Dreaming about the future? take this quiz to find out what those little babies should be called.

published on August 18, 201183 responses 9 3.7★ / 5

It's breakfast time. What do you fancy?

Softly poached eggs on homemade rye bread.
A double espresso.
A skinny latte and a fruit salad.

Your favourite celebrity is:

Lady Gaga
Kate Middleton
Justin Timberlake
The singer from Coldplay

Your dream job would be:

A lawyer
A member of the Royal family
Like an artist or a musician or, like, a travel writer.
A pop star

Bicycles are...

Jolly good fun but would prefer a Mercedes
Great for getting from gigs to exhibitions to parties.
Awful! I'd never be seen dead on one.
I want a private jet.

Which historical figure do you most identify with?

Joan of Arc
Lady Diana