Which sonic character are you like and you would date?

Which sonic character are you like and you would date?

Welcome to my quiz! Its my first quiz, by the way, and its for girls only! Unless you are a boy and want to see how it would turn out.. I'm not judging!

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What would you and your boyfriend do on your date?

A. You would go jogging or do a sport to keep in shape
B. You would go to a lab and invent something to help out others
C. Go to a boxing tournament
D. Hang around a dark place like a movie theater

If you tried on an outfit that you liked, what would you want your boyfriend to say?

A. You look like my friend... but she was pretty!!!
B. You look beautiful
C. You look hot!
D. That looks nice

If Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow were drowning, and you only had one life vest, who would you save?

A. Sonic!!! I know you can't swim!!! Here take the vest!!!
B. Tails!!! Your sooo cute!!! Here take this, hurry!!!
C. Knuckles, I love you!!! Take the vest!!!
D. Shadow, your so hot!!! Take this too save your life!!!

What kind of music do you like to listen too?

A. Something upbeat to jog too
B. Something calm to invent and brainstorm too
C. Something hardcore to box/train too
D. My favorite music is bloodcurdling screams.

Out of these colors, which are your favorite?

A. Blue
B. Yellow or orange
C. Red
D. Red and black

What kind of personality do you believe you have?

A. Nice, kind, courageous
B. Smart, creative, wise
C. Brave, strong, heroic
D. Evil, destructive, but sometimes helpful

What kind of boyfriend would you want to have? How would you want their personality?

A. I would want a boyfriend who is helpful and kind, but not too self- indulgent.
B. I would want my boyfriend to be smart and creative, but not too attached to his work
C. I would want a boyfriend who is strong and brave, but not such an airhead its ridiculous
D. I want a boyfriend who is quiet and sexy, but not to moody

Finally, how do you want your boyfriend to behave around you?

A. I want my boyfriend to be protective, but not so protective that its extremely unnecessary
B. I want my boyfriend to be impressively intelligent, but not so intelligent that he corrects my every mistake and is extremely annoying
C. I want my boyfriend to behave himself and not brag or eye other girls
D. I don't mind my boyfriend in deep thought but I still want him to listen to my conversations and respond