Would we be a good match?

Would we be a good match?

This is just something I created for fun to see how compatable "you" and I would be.

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You see a penny on the ground. What do you do?

Flip it over to heads and leave it.
Pick it up and put it in the piggy bank.
Walk past it.
I don't really pay attention to change I see laying around

I love to coupon, so when I go to the store I usually bring home A LOT OF STUFF. How do you see the unloading process going?

I continue doing what I'm doing as you bring them into the house. When your done I'll cook dinner
I will meet you in the driveway when you get home and I will bring things in as you put them up.
We both carry in the groceries and when we are done I will go back to doing what I was doing.
You bring them in because I'm busy but I'll aplogize for not helping later and make it up to you.

I have a son whos father(my exhusband) isn't involved. How would you LIKE for yall's relationship to be like if we were get serious?

He isn't my child so I don't want to interfer.
I would like for it to be more of a father/son relationship. Afterall his father isn't involved.
I would hope that we would get along and be great friends but I don't want to act like a parent. But will help out
if need be.
I will help but I don't really want a close relationship with children.

Lets face it. Sex is important in a relationship. So choose the one that best decribes you.

I really don't have to try hard. Im pretty good in the bed. So as long as she enjoys it and I get off, I'm good.
I really like to please my partner and from her pleasure comes mine.
I'm slow and passionate. As long as its a fair trade and we are pleasing eachother. It works out great for me.
I'm really only concerned about me getting off. If she doesn't I'm not worried about it.
I have a habit of rushing into the main event. Sex goes fast for me. Its not as passionate as I would imagine

Would you describe yourself as country?

Not at all
I don't really look country but I am at heart.
People tell me I talk like I am but I don't think I am at all
I'm just a good ole boy through and through

What word do you call a woman your in a relationship with if you get in an arguement.

I try to keep it even to what she says. I won't call her anything worse than what she calls me.
Anything I want. Its a arguement, sometimes things just get out of hand.
I try to use words like woman so I don't say the b word or something that is really hurtful.
I don't like to argue so I usually just set there until she is done complaining then I reapporach it later when she is

What do you think about women wearing makeup.

I think women should always wear it if they leave the house. It just looks lazy if they don't.
I really don't care either way.
I think it looks good but i would prefer a natural beauty.
I love to see a woman all dolled up but if she doesn't wear it all the time thats fine with me. It makes the times
that she does much more special.

How is your relationship with your family?

I hate them all
We get along pretty well but we're not that close.
I couldn't live without them.
I really appreciate family. We are all very close.

How often do you like to drink.

I'm only a social drinker. I'll have a few beers at a freind's house or something but don't really care for getting
I usually go out every weekend to drink and hang out with friends. I have nothing else better to do anyways
I drink everyday and usually get a tiny buzz going after work just to relax.
I love an ice cold beer. I usually stop at the same place everyday after work to drink with the other regulars. Plus
they give me a ride home when I need it.

What kind of vehicle do you have?

I have a car and truck.
I have two or more trucks.
I only have one car but it's my baby
I have one truck but I love that thing.

How do you usually dress?

My wardrobe consists of T-shirts and Nicer T-shirts.
Camo anything and boots
I like a clean cut look. Nice sneakers and puma shirts look nice
Whatever I happen to throw on that day.
Strictly Wranglers
Anything that looks nice and matches.

Do you want (more) children some day?

I want lots of kids. Atleast 4
I think 1 or 2 is fine.
I don't really want kids.
Atleast 1 or 2 of my own.

I kinda have a potty mouth. What about you?

I do too but I know when to watch what I say.
The words "GD" slip out a lot.
Most people I hang out with cuss so I don't really have to worry about it much.
All guys have a disgusting mouth when were together but I watch my mouth around other people.

What movie would you pick to watch on a night home alone.

The notebook
What happens in Vegas
The Hangover

Have you or do you use drugs.

I smoke pot pretty regularly but I don't mess with any other durgs
I have smoked weed and stuff before but not really into anything anymore
I have tried it all but don't do much of anythinganymore
I have never touched a drug.

What are your thoughts on domesticated women?

I don't care to support my woman as long as she takes care of the house and makes sure I have everything I
Women should be able to handle work and the house but I don't have a problem supporting her as long as she
makes sure she puts in as much as I do.
I think a woman's place is at home with the kids and a mans is at work. I will do my part and I would like it if she
will do hers.
If a woman wants to work she can but I would feel more comfortable supporting her while she stays home.

I've had a bad day at work. I call you when I was supposed to clock out and tell you I was forced over for 3 more hours. You just got home. What do you do?

I would let you vent and order in dinner so you don't have to worry about cooking when you get home.
I would try to make you feel better and if I have time, I would stop by on your break and cheer you up.
I would tell you to calm down and not worry about it. I get the kids in bed, order pizza and chill the beer for when
you get home
I would let you vent and console you and do my best to wait up for you. I would also most likely be upset at your
manager and mention something to him/her about it next time I seen them.

Which body part is your favorite on a woman.


Another sex question. Where do you stand on oral sex?

I don't really like receiving but love giving
I love receiving and always return the favor
I really don't like to give it so I understand if I dont receive it. Fare is fare
I love love love getting hea. I'm not a huge fan of going down on a woman but will to return the favor
Going down on a woman is really my favorite part of sex and receiving is just amazing.

Do you have any tatts?

A few from when I was in jail
I don't have many but I want more.
I have a lot but they have good meanings.