What House Would You Belong In?

What House Would You Belong In?

I've seen a lot of these around qFeast, so I decided to make my own! Take this quiz to find out if you are in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Enjoy!

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How would you describe yourself? (Choose the best answer)

Fair and kind
Intelligent and wise
Ambitious and cunning

If someone you knew was in danger, what would you do?

Help them right away, calling for help as you go.
Call for help, and then go as a group to help.
Quickly think of a plan, and then put it into action.
Think about what would happen if you saved them. Would it help you? Then go help, doing it in a way that will get you the most.

If you see someone cheating on a test, what do you do?

Wait until the end of class and go up to the person and tell them not to do it again, or you'll tell the teacher.
Tell the teacher after class who cheated.
Raise your hand, wait for the teacher to come to you, and tell them.
Start cheating yourself

What would you do if you got 100,000 galleons?

Use it to buy quidditch things.
Use some of it for myself, donate some, save some, and give some to my close friends who didn't get money.
Buy a bunch of books, quills, and paper.
Buy a bunch of cool stuff for myself.

If you found out that your best friend has a secret that they weren't telling you, what would you do?

Go up to them and confront them the next day, asking them why they are keeping a secret from you.
Don't say anything, they probably had a good reason keeping it from you.
Think it over, and then, depending on who it is, decide if you confront them or not.
Go up to them right away and demand that they tell you the secret.

If your friend is mad at you and won't talk to you, what do you do?

Try and get them to talk to you again.
Ask them what's bothering them, and explain why you did what you did.
Think about the person, and why they might be mad at you.
Ignore them. If they don't want to talk to you, they aren't worth it.

What are your favorite colors out of these?

Scarlet and gold
Yellow and black
Blue and bronze
Emerald green and silver

What is your favorite animal out of these?


What do you value most out of these?

Bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry
Hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play
Intelligence, knowledge, and wit
Ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness

What house do you want to get into?