who are you from Invader Zim? (1)

who are you from Invader Zim? (1)

this is a quiz to show who you are fro the TV show "Invader Zim" yay anyone?

published on December 11, 201319 responses 6 5.0★ / 5

you have the afternoon to do what ever you want what do you do?

plot on destroying earth! muahaha!
try to stalk the alien or get info!
play with pig and eat cupcakes drink tea and watch the scary monkey show! :D :D
play video games eat pizza drink poop soda and annoying my brother

the brand new movie is out! it's really scary and not for children what do you do?

i'm seeing that movie just in case i get any tips on how to destroy this filthy planet! >:D
Dad would never let me go see it! plus i'd rather g look for ghosts with my vaccum! just like in the movie better than this one! it's "GhostBusters"!
oooohhh i'll watch the new TV program okay! as long as i can have- wait?master where'd ya go?!
i'll totaly go but in secret i'll just make it look like i'm taking a nap! yes this will be the best night EVER!

your classmate/neighbor almost got killed! what do you do?

pfft! nothing plus can't see i'm BUSY?! go away filthy human!
help out! even if everyone think's i'm a freak :(
help! cuz 'Friends give friends a haaand!'
never helping in my life

if anyone felt like seeing any TV program what would it be

none! >:P
any channel that's paranormal!
howabout LPS or MLP:FIM or maybe Dora the explorer!
no! i play video games not watch TV (me: then why are you on the internet huh?)

okay then quiz is over! ready for your results?!

finnaly! now after this i need to work in SCILENCE! plus something got broken over in the coarner
okay by the ways you do reliize that i'm gonna stalk you answer #1 right?
aww okay i hope i'm sjbhjsjk;zs yay! by the ways answer #2 that is rude!
okay just whatever and also answer #3 how about YOU are!