What type of boy is best for you?

What type of boy is best for you?

What type of boy is best for you? Smart, hot, muscly, famous, rich? Find out with my quiz! (Girls only!)

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If you could go on a date anywhere with a guy that has your same personality, where would you go and what would you do?

I'd just love going to a nice restaurant first for Italian food, then finish a great night with a movie in the cinema!
I'd go to a science museum! We'd look at all the dinosaur skeletons, I think it would be an awesome conversation
starter too!
I'd go to a gym club! We'd work out together...spend some time kissing as we get fit!
I'd rather just go to my date's house, sit down and cuddle as we play video games!

What do you look for most in a guy?

Just to be kind and protect me, but love me unconditionally too.
For him to share the same obsessions I do! Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Minecraft, CoD! Someone I could do everything with!
Someone fit and healthy that I know will live long to have fun with me and protect me.
Someone with intelligence...someone that is interested in me and I am interested in them too and what they've got to say. Also someone that will provide for me and maybe even a future family.

What's your favourite lesson or was?

English, Maths and Science.
I like a bunch of things, not things that are really academic though.
Physics and Chemistry.
Physical Education (PE)

What do you find attractive on a guy?

Intelliegence. Don't really care about appearance.
Muscles definitely!
Tanned skin!
Braces! Aww!
Naturally gorgeous hair!
Glasses are mega cute!

What job would you like your husband/boyfriend to do?

Personal Trainer, Olympian...
An Engineer, Doctor, Biologist, Forensic Scientist...
Postman, Builder, Fireman...
A Chemistry Scientist, Physician, Rocket Scientist, Video Game Maker...