Who's Your Fictional Boyfriend?

Who is your fictional boyfriend? We all want one...but which one is it that you can have?

published on December 08, 2013105 responses 22
Who's Your Fictional Boyfriend?
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What colour is your hair?

I've got very dirty, bright blonde hair!
Very dark hair...black or almost black!
I have strawberry/caramel/honey blonde hair.
I've got a lighter shade of brunette hair.
Really bright, clean blonde hair. it's very noticable...probably the blondest hair out of all my friends.
Red! I have red hair and I'm proud!

What hair colour do you like on a boy?

I love light, brown hair on a guy! Love!
Light brown hair, almost blonde! And with highlights of honey colour in there as well. Do you know what I mean?
Dirty blonde hair. Not the dyed type...the natural blonde hair...quite bright but not clean!
Bright, bright, clean blonde hair! Very sophisticated on a man!
Red...ginger! Always ginger hair for me!
Black hair! Looks so handsome!

What colour eyes have you got?

Hazel-green eyes!
Blue, blue eyes! Very bright and very vivid!
Nice, shiny, blue eyes. Not too bright like other people's.
Coppery, brown eyes.
Grey coloured eyes.
Green eyes! Nice and bright!

What best describes your personality?

Strong leader. I'm determined and I won't stop until I am weak!
Caring and protective in the most gentle way possible.
Ambitious. That's all I will say.
I'm funny! I'm actually hilarious! I love playing pranks on people! Hahaha!
I'm cunning and sneaky...people expect that from me all the time. It's no surprise.
Wise and intelligent!

If a war/rebellion had started...what would you do?

Lead people on! Figure out how to attack and destroy!
Try to talk people out of the war...I don't want this happening!
Protect the people I love!
Fight! Just fight. You can't get out of this!
Fight even though I don't want to and I don't know how to.
Run away! I mean. I make people think I'm going to kill them, but really I'd rather run away from it all!