Whats your future husband or wifes name?

Whats your future husband or wifes name?

There will be () with (Girl) or (Boy) in them Whatever gender you are there the answers you can pick

published on July 30, 2011443 responses 83
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You win a contest and get to pick whatever to do, what would you pick

Go out and about (Boys)
Go a club (Boys)
Joke around with people (girls)
Cake festivel (Girls)
Shopping (Boys)
Other (Girls)

Whats your favorite color and Why?

Red for BLOOD (Boys)
Pink for petels (Boys)
Green for grass (Boys)
Blue for the sea (Girls)
Yellow for the sun (Girls)

Whats your favorite game

snakes and laders (Boys)
Chess (Boys)
I hate games (Girls)
Other (Girls)

Are you gonna comment

Yes (Boys)
No i need to get new shoes for my girlfriend/Wife (Boys)
Nah whats the point (Girls)
Im to hungry soz (Girls)

Are you gonna comment

NOPE (Girls)
Yes (Boys)
Im to busy (Boys)
Nah (Girls)