Do you think you like him? Or is it love? (Girls Only!)

Do you think you like him? Or is it love? (Girls Only!)

This quiz is about finding out if you like your crush or if you love him or if you guys are just friends.

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Does he make you jealous when he's with another girl?

Well no, me and him are good friends.
He makes me sick. Does that count? (Me: that's mean!)

When you are at dance and you see him with another girl dancing with him, do you wish it was you?

I wish I could push that girl off him!
No I don't because me and him are really good friends! I told you that last question!!! GEEZ! (Me: woah calm down!)
I like pizza!

Do you wish you were with him right now?

Hell ya! If I had just one wish I'd wish that! (me: that's sweet)
Maybe, just to hand out with him.

Do you annoy him by texting to him to much?

You don't need to know! That's personal!
Nope! He loves it when I text him!

Do you want to ask him out?

I would! I'm just too shy! (me: I know how you feel)
Hell no!
I'd rather kick him in the nuts!

LAST QUESTION! Do you wanna kiss him or make out or both or neither?

MAKE OUT! kissing is for losers!
Well I'd kiss him back if he kissed me first
EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! (Me: I'll take that as neither)