Bullying is not something we take seriously. Take this quiz to find out if your a bully or the victim! Visit this website to learn more: www.whybully?.com

published on November 26, 201359 responses 17 3.8★ / 5

Have you ever gossiped about someone? Or said something that wasn't true.

A lot
Once or twice

Have you ever been physically, emotionally, or socially abused?

Yes all of those
No, now that I think about it I have done it to others
Yes one of those
Yes sometimes

Have you ever cyber bullied? Even saying something rude on a social site is considered cyber bullying.

Yes, quite a bit
Yes, sometimes

Have you ever left someone out? (Practically everyone has at some point)

Not a lot
Yes, purposely sometimes
Maybe, but I didn't mean to

Have you ever abused someone?

Not on purpose