What Is Your High School Clique/Group Personality?

What Is Your High School Clique/Group Personality?

Where Do You Fit In At High School..There Are Several Clicks..And Activites..Which Fits You?

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Somebody Is Yelling Mean Things At The "New Kid"..In This Situation Pick The One That Applies To What You Would Do

Say Something Back To Them
..The "New Kid" Is Probally You..
Your The One Yelling
Tell The Teacher..Or One Of The Adults
Join In And Start Yelling Too
Make It Into Something Funny..But Still Mean
Think Of How Awesome It Is That Is Not You..
Dont Say Anything But Secretly Feel Sorry For Him/Her

Your On ____ Sports Team, The Captain Of The Team Wants You To "Remove" The Weakest Player..Your The One That Must Determine Who Gets Removed..From The Following Choose One That Applies To You

You Watch All Of Them And Take Out The Weakest Link
Try To "Forget" And Ignore What The Captain Told You To Do
Tell The Coach..And Ask For His Opinion
Go Ask Around And See What Others Think
Do What He/She Asked..But In Your Head..You Dont Wanna Do It
Be Grateful That You Have No Option To Be Kicked Off The Team
Your Not On A Sports Team
You Already Know Who Needs To Leave The Team

Your Friends Convince You To Go To This "High School" Party..What Made You Want To Go?

I Finally Finshed All My School Work..So Why Not
So That I Can Talk To Others
Joke Around With Others
To Meet New People
To See How I Compare To Others

What Do You Do At Parties..?

Flirt With Guys/Girls
Dance Like A Maniac
Laughing Along With My Friends
Doing Anything I Want

What Is Your Worst Flaw?

Im To Nice
Im Not The Captain Of The ___ Sports Team
I Party Too Much
I Like Too Many People
I Talk Too Much
I Dont Spend Enough Time On My School-Work

In YOUR Friends Opinion Your..

Get The Best Grades
Spend Too Much Time With Guys/Girls
Really Sensitive
Really Crazy
Compare Yourself To Other People And/Or Things
Spend Too Much Time On School-Work
Spend Too Much Time Practicing__Sport

Your FRIENDS Think Your..

A Nerd
Like To "Over Share" Things
Never Take Anything Seriously
Think That You Know Everything
Spend More Time On __ Sport Than Anything
Always Talk About Yourself And Your Life
Talk About Everybody
Talk About Guys/Girls
Dont Think About What Your Doing Before You Do It
Have A "Big Bad Attitude"
Really Shy
Can Never Act Thier Age
Can Get Away With Anything With Any Teacher
Likes To Party All The Time

Pick One..

I Dont See Anything Wrong With Me
I See Everything Wrong With Me

If Somebody Insulted You Would You Insult Back?


Do You Like To Talk With Your Friends?


Do You Like To Joke Around?


Do Like To Tease People?


A Friend Texts You That Your Crush Just Asked Her/Him Out..She/He Has Known That You Liked Him/Her From The Start, She/He Wants Your Opinion About What She/He Should Do

Date Him..My "Feelings" Will Go Away
Thier My Best Friend How Could They
Just Shrug And Try Not To Be Angry
Just Shrug And Try Not To Cry

So Your Friend Is Now Dating Your Crush..Without Taking Your Advice And Is Rubbing It In To You..What Do You Do?

Ignore It..But On The Inside Hate Her/Him
Ignore It..But On The Inside Feel Torn
Drop You Friendship..Friends Dont That To Eachother
Go And Ask Somebody For Thier Opinion
Convince Yourself That He/She Is Dating Your Friend To Get Close To You

Your Friend Is Still Dating Your Crush..One Day Your Crush Comes Up And Asks You To Break Up With Your Friend For Him/Her..You

Do It..Your No Longer Friends With Them
Chicken Out And Make Some Excuse
Ask Why He/She Cant Do It
Ask Why He/She Is Dumping Them

Your Teacher Is Making You Choose A Science Project Partner..You Choose

Harry..The Nerd That Will Do The Whole Assignment
Alice..The Girl That Tells Funny Stories And Likes To Joke Around
Kayla..The Shy Quiet Girl Who Likes To Work Alone
Try To Convince The Teacher To Work Alone

Harry..Decides That He Can Do The Entire Project Alone..Your

Picked Alice
Picked Kayla
Worked Alone

Alice Just Wants To Talk About Her Problems Instead Of Working You

Try To Do The Project Alone
Tell The Teacher And Ask For A New Partner
Complain To Alice Till She Helps You
Dont Do The Project At All
Picked Harry
Picked Kayla
Worked Alone

Kayla Doesnt Seem To Want To Talk To You..Shes Not Even Acting Like Your There..You

Ask Her What Her Problem Is
Go Ask Somebody What Her Problem Is
Ask THe Teacher For A New Partner
Complain That She Doesnt Like You To A Friend
Try To Talk To Her
Picked Harry
Picked Alice
Worked Alone

Your Doing Your Project Alone When The Teacher Makes You Join One Of Her Clubs Or Join A Group.. Which Do You Pick?

Art Club
Drama Club
Band Club
Library Club
Work With Alice And Harry
Work With Alice And Kayla
Work With Harry And Kayla
Picked Harry
Picked Alice
Picked Kayla

Out Of The Following Which One Applies BEST To You..Choose Only ONE


You Win 1 Million Dollars You..

Spend It
Spend It And Give Some To Charity
Give It All To Charity
Thats For Me To Know

What Sounds Like Something You Would Do

Practice ___ Sport
Talk To Friends
Go Mudding
Go On Dates
Meet Cute Guys/Girls
Go To Parties