Which Eeveelution are you?

Which Eeveelution are you?

Determine your eeveelution personality here! Who knows? You might be the calm and quite Leafeon, or the rowdy and loud Jolteon! (Sorry if this is inaccurate and terrible, this is my first quiz and the first time using the "Accurate" mode..)

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You and you're friend are taking pictures, are you enjoying this?

If my friend does, than I do!
I hate it, it is like shopping!
Ugh, ya! It is a keepsake!

Looks like your mother is shouting at you for getting a C on your report card.... Again... What do you do?

But mother! That subject was difficult for me! I promise I'll try harder...
Pffft, it was just a C! At least it is average rather than BELOW average!
Oh well! It doesn't matter~

Alright, lets do a bit of role-playing here! You see a fellow elderly struggling to keep the pounds of bags lifted. What do you do?

What do I do? I'd obviously come over and help her!
Wait, there was somebody in need of my help? When was that!?
I have more important things to do than help the elderly!

Ignore this question!

What? How is this possible!?

Somebody asks you to go into war, you say...

Nononono! I want my Mommy!
Yayah! I'll accept and defeat everyone and everything in my path!
I'd politely say "No, but thanks for the offer."

Your best friend is moving away. What and how do you react?

No! I've never had enough time to play with them!
What are you talking about? Nobody likes me... (Nobody should choose this, everybody is special! c:)
It's alright, I have the computer, phone, games and and and-

Ignore the question before this one!

Wait, what? You're confusing me!
This question again? Alright...

When I say "Duck!" You say (Or do)...

I'm ducking, I'm ducking!

BLARGE BLARG BLARGE BLARG! Did you understand?

Yes sir, yes!
What in the WORLD did you say?!
Ahem, please repeat that again, dear.

You are walking on the street until... Oh look! A wallet full of money! What is your reaction?

Oh my! I'd search for its rightful owner, it isn't right to steal!

A nightmare happens while you sleep. You jolt awake, and look around. Do you believe it was true?

Of coarse!
Of coarse not!

You feelings were hurt from your best friend, what do you do?

Me? I'd cry! But if my friend asks for my forgiveness, I'll forgive them!
I'd point out that was offensive, and maybe forgive them. MAYBE.
Tell them nothing, it's not worth the time anyways.

Oh no! It looks like a test you didn't study for is about to start! Quick, you have only a minute to study- oh! Shh, the test is about to start! What do you do?

I know there was a test today, I just didn't want to waste the time and study for it!
Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no! Ohhhh, just one more minute to study for the test, please!?
Oh well, just hope that I'll get this right then.