What Supernatural character are you?

What Supernatural character are you?

As you can read on my profile I also like TV Shows, and I've been really enjoying watching Supernatural lately so I decided (as an absolute maniac of this tv show) to create a quiz which will compare you to some character from Supernatural.

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How many hours do you usually sleep during the week?

8 - 6
6 - 5
I don't sleep.
5 - 3
3 - 1

What is your favourite swearing?

Son of a bi*ch.

How do you usually demons?

With my angelic hand.
With my mind.
With a knife.
With an exorcism.
With holy water.

How many shots do you drink during the daytime?

Not a single shot.
Not a single shot, perhaps one in evening.
Ah...let me check.
Not a single shot, it doesn't work on me anyway.

Where does your head turn when a pretty lady passes by?

The direction she is going and continues.
First the direction she is going, then it stops.
Back to a book.
Nowhere, it just holds still.
On the other side.

What would you choose for lunch?

Irish coffee and pizza.
Hamburger with french fries and coke.
Lots of beef meat and no drink.
Whatever I'd get.
Vegetable salad with olive oil and 100% orange juice.

Your hair are...

Short black.
Short, brown.
It doesn't matter, I wear cap all the time...

Your favourite piece of clothing is...

Some normal clothes and shirt...
leather jacket
White T-Shirt.

What are you scared of?

Losing someone close again.
Your wife.