Are you popular? (1)

Are you popular? (1)

I don't know are you popular? Is this quiz gonna be popular? Hmmmm... I hope u like this quiz

published on July 11, 201186 responses 26 4.3★ / 5

A nerd just asked you out. What do you say?

Let him down gently
Give him a note that says no and walk away
Say yes and tell eveyone you know

What kind of birthday party do you have?

A wild one at your house with a real rock band to preform
some friends at the pool
at your house one friend
three-four friends at the park

How do you have fun?

swimming in a lake/pool
reading giant really old books
talking with a friend
going out with a lot of firends to an event

How will you answer this question?

let's go!
why not?

What do you do if a bully is trying to get you to fight?

cry and curl up in a ball
talk your way out of it and give him/her a peck on the cheek
say ok and kick him/her in a bad spot

What kind of car do you want?

gray-blue chrysler
white minivan
green Volkswagon beetle
smooth red convertible

Do you care about the environment? (This is nothing to be ashamed of)

When needed
the outdoors are weird
I care for the cute little animals
sure! I'll help when i can

What do you think of this quiz?

Too much words
Its enjoyable
I take it for a cause
I want to see what happens

Which phrase is witty?

Are you gonna cum here or do i have to make you?
Are you from tennessee cause your the only ten i see
Hey you there's something on my lip. Why don't you get a little closer and see (wink, wink)
What's shakin

What T.V. show do you watch?

the fairly oddparents
drake and josh

How many friends do you like to have?

six or seven
three or four
two or three