How To Know If A Girl Likes You

How To Know If A Girl Likes You

So Dudes Out There..That Say Us Girls Are SOOO..Imposible..Here's Your Chance...Does She Like You..Or Is She Just Being Friendly

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In Class Does She

Smile At You...
Stare At You..
Pass You Notes..
Try To Sit Near You..
Parnter Up With You...
Glance At You..
Avoid Looking At You..
Tease You...
Just Plain Avoid You

Has She Ever Mentioned Yah'll Relationship To You...

A Little
Not Really
Im Not Sure..

Her Friends..

Giggle And Point At You...
Give You Strange Looks...
Your Never Near Them...
Laugh At Your Lame Attempts To Speak To Her..
Elbow Her When Your Around..
Avoid You..
Laugh And Giggle
Ignore You
She Has No Friends..
Your Her Friend..
They Try To Ditch Her With You..

Do You Tend To Spend Lots Of Time Together?

Not Really..
Sometimes..We Will Hang Out..
Once Or Twice
For School Related Things..
Just To Catch Up..
She Tutored Me..
She Lives Near Me

Does SHE Ever Try Talking To You..

Yes..But I Don't Know What To Say..
Only When She Has Too..