Would you do good in a committed relationship?

Would you do good in a committed relationship?

This I is a quiz to see if you would do good in a committed relationship... good luck:)

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Would you always tell your partner the truth?

Yes... always
Sometimes/most of the time

If the subject "marriage" came up would you...

Try to change the subject immediately
Talk about for a little bit and then try to change the subject
Talk about it as long as your partner wanted to and anytime your partner wanted to

Would you let everyone know about you and you partner...

Not everyone

If you were out with your friends and you partner called/texted you would you

Answer it
Ignore it
Ignore it at the time but get back to them ASAP

If it was date night and then all of a sudden your friends want you to go out with them would you...

Tell you friends no and continue you date night plans with you partner
Blow your partner off
Lie or make up some excuse to tell you partner
Call your partner and tell them that there has been a change in plans and that you wanted to hang with your friends instead

This question is for boys if your a girl you can click I am a girl or answer it anyways.... if your partner told you she was pregnant would you...

I am a girl
Ditch her
Act excited... but really your thinking why... why did this happen
Be excited and tell her you are going to be there for her to help her though the whole 9 months

Would you ever cheat on your partner...

Yes all the time

I know that this wasn't the best test but did you enjoy it


Are you going to rate or commant

Maybe... it depends