How tough and/or brave are you?

How tough and/or brave are you?

Do u think you stand out in the crowd? I do. How about you? This quiz is for boys and girls.

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Do you like bats?

Cool! I wanna keep it!
Ewwww! Get it away!
Oh a bat. They're interesting

You have to hike through some mud. Reactions plz?

Gross. I'll find another way.
I'm going to wallow through it!
A little dirt doesn't hurt.

Will you hold a cockroach?

Ummm, I'll just touch it.
I'd rather jump off a bridge.
heck, ya!

What kind of pet do you own?

A rat
A lizard
A goldfish

What kind of bke rides do you like?

Biking right alongside the edge of a mountain.
Biking down the road.
Biking off road

What sport will you play?


Here comes a pretty big dog. What do you do?

Without hsitating, go up and touch him.
keep away from him. He could be dangerous.
Tak softly to him and walk away.

your parents grounded you but a really awesome movie is coming out today. Do you go see it?

Stay in your room. You're punished after all.
Threaten to climb out the window.
Climb out the window and sneak away.

A toad peed on you? What will you do?

Shrug and put the toad down. Wipe the pee on ur jeans.
Frown and set the toad down. Go wash ur hands immediately.
Drop the toad and rush inside to wash ur hands.

You are dared to go bungee jumping. Do i even need to ask the question?

Umm, okay but watch someone else do it first.
No. You don't want to bungee jump at all.
Go jump. Be first in line.

What kind of mythical animal do you like?

Bloodthirsty Dragon

Do u like playing truth or dare?

Bring it on
Depends on the dare or truth
Nooo, not really