would I date you? (I'm a straight girl so this is aimed at guys)

would I date you? (I'm a straight girl so this is aimed at guys)

Don't be offended if you get a no because I have pretty high standards

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How attractive do other people say you are?

random strangers hit on me *flips hair*
my mom says i'm attractive
people say i'm average
people say i'm ugly :'(

which of the following best describes your personality?

adventurous/ spontaneous

what sounds like a fun date?

something crazy and unexpected eg. skydiving
something low key eg. hanging out at home,
something outdoors eg. going to the beach, picnic
something a little fancy. eg a nice dinner
a typical date eg. going to the movies

favorite music?

main stream (i like the music on the radio)
lots of different kinds, i like finding new music
indie/hipster music
older music (80's ish music)

if you liked a girl, you would:

ask her out, nothing to lose
flirt a little, test the waters
wait for her to make the first move

what do you look for in a relationship

intellectual connection
anything i just want a relationship goddamit

how emotional are you/ how emotional do you want a relationship to be?

very. let's talk about our feelings
you know, average i guess
not very. i mean if you want to share ok
emotions are overrated

oh no, some douchebag just insulted me! you going to do something? (i was going to use a different d word but qfeast won't let me. shut up qfeast U DON"T KNOW MY LIFE)

punch him in the face
tell him to back da f up (once again "abusive content"
had to be censored)
you're an independent woman who can deal with it
i'm afraid of conflict so nothing

how do/did you do in school? let's be honest here

fairly well, it comes naturally. probably better if i
studied more.
great! i study /studied all the time
i tried but it was hard
im just a normal person tryna get by

who do you want to be the boss of the relationship? (be honest) (in case this is confusing you're the person saying the things below to me)

you're ma biatch
if you have strong feelings thats cool but otherwise
i'm in charge
a hundred percent equal (democracy america wow)
i mean i'd make some decisions but i'm indecisive so
mostly you
im ya biatch

how old are you? (btw sorry but this makes a pretty big difference)

13 or under (really are you really you might need to
slow down child)