Which cat are you in ThunderClan?

Which cat are you in ThunderClan?

if you're a big warriors fan like me take this quiz and find out which cat you would be if you belonged to ThunderClan.

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You hear rumors that Tigerstar is roaming the forest, drawing cats in to him. What do you do?

Report to your leader and organize a patrol
Tell your mate, then your leader and let him take charge
Go find Tigerstar and shred him for what he's done
Let others handle this. Tigerstar is evil, but a respectful cat. Do you want to be his enemy?
Take charge of the clan and discuss how to unite with other laders

Riverclan is stealing prey! How do you react?!

Attack, but learn how they can be so sneaky
Attack with your mate side by side
Talk with Mistystar and then openly challenge them to a fight
Ask your leader for instructions, then attack if he says
Bring medicine supplies for the injured

A starving stray comes to you for help. What do you tell her?

"Come with me back to camp and we'll see what your doing here"
"I need backup! Let's see what ThunderClan thinks of you."
"Hey you! What are you doing on ThunderClan territory?"
"Intruder! Get out of here before we claw you!"
"You'd better get out of here before someone sees you."

A strong, brave clanmate just died. How do you respond?

You dip your head in respect and cover him with herbs.
You feel pained to have lost such a good cat.
You wail in grief and wish them a safe journey to StarClan.
You feel dread prick your claws and wonder what will become of him.
You feel as if his death was your fault. You mourn and wish it was you instead.

WindClan needs your help. Yes or no?

You tell WindClan it's not ThunderClan's responsibility
You go see Onestar and discuss a deal
You bristle up and tell WindClan your they'd better not be lying
You take a look at WinClan's problem before deciding to help of not
You tell your leader while you question some of the WindClan cats

Who do you go hunt with?

Your mate and kits
No one
Your mate
Your sister
Your close friends

There's a fire in the camp! Who do you rescue first?

Your kits
Your other Clanmates
The sick cats
The elders
Your apprentice

How do you like to fight?

Fair and hard
Strong and quick
Violent and fierce
Sly and fierce
Sharp and strong

You see a lone fox. What do you do?

Call for backup and pin the fox down without killing it
Take on the fox and either kill it or drive it away
Go tell the others
Sneak up and attack the fox
Stalk it until someone else shows up or until it crosses into another territory

How brave are you on a scale of 1-10?