What color are you? (9)

What color are you? (9)

I'm making this quiz so you people can find out what color suits your personality.

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What is your favorite color?


Favorite thing in nature?

Water. Rain, lakes, stream, ponds, anything!
Fire. Forest fires, volcanoes, all of that interests me.
Grass. I like it because it smells so good and it's so
Snow. I like that little chill I get when I step outside
to falling snow.
The sun. I think it's so beautiful. Especially when it's
Mountains. I like how big and quiet they are.

What do you enjoy doing?

Talking with friends.
Racing through the woods.
I just like enjoying nature. Sometimes I'll go on a walk.
Singing, drawing, dancing, all of those kinds of hobbies.
Making new friends and meeting new people.
Being alone and pondering.

what would you say your personality is?

Deep and calm.
Angry and scorching.
I don't really know how to describe it...

Do you think this will help you find out your true personality?

I guess so, but I'm not sure.
Yes, all the way.
Not really...No offense.