which person in my class are you??

which person in my class are you??

I have quite a few peeps in my class but I used a few the answers will be like- mya (chatterbox) btw mya is not in my class enjoy the quiz

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you see your best friend being bullied what do you do...

oh umm I should go help or should I?
OMG im coming!
to help or not to help is question
oh no hang on
that's my friend OH NO!
umm umm (runs off)

in a spelling test 100 words what would your score be?


your teacher tells you, you have to be in for a fitness game you...

start dancing behind her
deal with it (doesn't say anything)
AWW..oh well
starts argument
doesn't agree

your friend isn't telling you a secret you..

don't interrupt wit her personal life
leaves her alone
annoys them till they tell you
don't matter
slap them till they tell you

whats your favourite colour??

pinky or green
red or blue
purple or black