What kind of animal personality are you?

What kind of animal personality are you?

Ever wonder what animal you would be most like in the wild? Find out now!

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How do you react when street thugs want your money?

You fight dirty when they harass you.
You weave and dodge away for help.
You dare them to try and see what happens.
You back away and let them take them money without a struggle.
You and your friends outwit the thugs and go for help.

Somebody's wallet is on the ground. What do you do?

Return the wallet but keep a buck or two from it.
Stuff it in your pocket and keep it.
Tell your friends to start asking people who lost it.
Run about and ask find the person on the ID picture.
Leave it there and let someone who wants to get involved find it.

Uh oh. You just accidentally changed your Bff's grades to F's on the school computer! Now what?

Oh well. Not my problem anymore.
Tell your friend you'll only change it back for a price.
Go cry about it.
Quickly change them back before anyone notices.
Find teachers and have them fix it. Now go the office! Now!

You fail the talent show tryouts. how do you handle it?

Call your friends for comfort.
Cry in your room and call yourself a loser.
Go home immediately and find something to do to take it off your brain.
Complain and go find a garbage can to kick.
Call the judges nasty names.

You are depressed. What cheers you up?

Going to a public party.
Hiding inside and reading a book.
Spray paint some cars.
Arguing pointlessly with a friend.
Have a family picnic for no reason.

If a neighbor lost their home and asked for some money would you do it?

Heck no. It's their fault their broke.
Well, maybe.
Yes, but you'll want to tell your family first.
Say you're broke.
Say yes and get others to help.

A stray cat is left in a box on your doorstep. What should you do with it?

Slowly close the door. Cats creep you out.
Hope it'll leave.
Take it in without discussing it first with your parents.
Give the poor thing a home with somebody!
Call a shelter right away.

Your sister always gets what she wants and you're tired of it. How do you handle this?

Run a few laps aound the block to let off steam.
Have a serious discussion with your mom and dad.
Steal your sister's stuff.
Talk angrily with her to force an agreement.

After you go to church for the first time so how do you feel?

Lonely and more confused than ever about God.
Yawn, boring.
Ready to do some speed surfing on the internet to find out more!
Invite a friend from church over and chum it up.
It's pretty interesting but not my style.

Your friend gives you a new phone as a gift but you hate it. how do you tell her this?

Just come out and tell her. be strong.
Let her know gently and ask for the refund money so you can buy what you want. from it.
Let her know after you get some ice cream, her favorite treat.
Keep it just so you don't have to dissapoint her.
Jerk! Don't you know me at all?! You can't believe she gave you that!

What kind of ice cream do you go for?

Raspberry. It screams success.
Ice cream is too cold to be good.
Dark chocolate. Creamy and dark.
Vanilla. It's peppy.
Lemon. It's a zany, energetic flavor.

Cool the public pool is open today. But there's a severe storm coming. Go or no go?

Stay inside and play wii with others instead.
Go, but have a quick way out.
Of course I'm staying home!
I'll stay during a storm unless there's lightning.
Storms add to the thrill, right?

The mailman delivers a trophy your house by mistake. What will you do?

Shrug and keep the trophy. It's shiny.
Tell the mailman the mistake.
Give him the trophy and tell him you don't deserve it. (technically that's true)
Give it back without a word.
Keep it with a slight sense of guilt.

Your boss didn't give you that raise you really wanted. How do you impress him now?

Hand him a full ten page document on a corporate file.
Write a strongly worded letter of complaint to him.
Work more and hope for something better next time.
Write some professional ideas for the company down and hand it to him.
Knock his lights out.

*BONUS QUESTION* Do you want to play it safe or take big risks?

Take big risks.
Play it safe.