quiz: what pet animal are you like?

quiz: what pet animal are you like?

:) this is my quiz and my first one 2. This quiz shows what animal you are like such as a cat, dog ,rabbit, or a snake!

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If you could choose a food, what would it be?

Fruits or veggies
Are you really asking this? I dunno, food!

If you saw a random little girl in your house, what would you do?

Run upstairs
Ask her what she is doing
See if she looks like a murderer and if she does not, greet her.
Call her a name and threaten to do something if she doesn't leave.

If you got picked on at school, what would you do?

Ignore them and remain happy
Give them the evil eye and stay away from them.
Punch them and tell them they will be sorry
Run away every time you see them and quietly tell a teacher.

What are you like?

More on the quiet side
Kind of loud but really outgoing
Tough and fearless

What would your favorite location spot be?

A fun place with lots of land
Where ever I can chill. Duh, that is what a vacation is for
Some place quieter
A place with food and no crazy people. They get on my nerves.

If you got lost in the woods, what would you do?

Run. Maybe I can reach a house
Be scared but trust you will be fine
Be mad at the person who brought you there
Stay away from animals and climb a tree to see a city

If you were asleep and heard a knock, what would you do?

Nothing. Why should I answer the door?
Hey, I need my sleep. I probably would not even notice.
Look out the window and run back into your room.
Answer it. No big deal

Three left. I hope u didn't already leave:) What do you do in your extra time?

Chill or take a shower.
Play games with your siblings
Walk around town and laugh at random people
Read or draw or play

What would you want your bed to feel like?

Like a couch

Do you want to see what animal u r like?

Uh, what kind of question is that?

Last one! If you had to choose a sport, it would be...

Hmmmm.a nice golf game
Soccer so that I can be the person who guards the goal & I would just sit there and chill
Football to show people how good I play
Eating food! Wait, that is not a sport. Oh well
Chillin. Hehe
A nice game of tennis


I thought this was the last one, liar
You wasted more of my life