How I feel about you! (IG:shadow_sir_lancelot)

How I feel about you! (IG:shadow_sir_lancelot)

I'm shadow, the ultimate lifeform, want to know what I feel? Let's go... Promise me first to not lie!

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We're in a party and you didn't know I would be there, what would you do?

Kiss you
Hug you
Talk to you
Ignore you

What would you do if I kissed you accendantally (sorry if spelled wrong)?

Slap you (Q.M: SAAAAME!)
Stay and look at you
Kiss back
Kiss back deeply (shadow: *blushes* .////. )

Umm... *reads paper* what's your hobby..?

Drawing, writing, reading and others
Playing, fighting, bulling and another
Guns, swords, war and another
Keeping promises, help, search and another

Sorry of it was short! Did you like it?

A little
It's ok...

ROLLEPLAY! I knock on your door and ask you for a date, what is your response?

We can give it a try
Like friends!

Shadow/me: I excuse me if you don't like your results but I'm only trying to be honest as much as possible. Okay... *reads paper* question one... the most annoying question... What's your favourite colour?

Black and another colour
Blue and another colour
Red and another colour
Green and another colour

What's a 'perfect' date?

Kill you (Q.M: I know why you are taking this quiz...
Shadow: I'll kill you first...)
Anywhere quiet and peaceful
Anywhere with action! (Shadow: *rolls eyes* Q.M: