How I feel about you! (IG:shadow_sir_lancelot)

How I feel about you! (IG:shadow_sir_lancelot)

I'm shadow, the ultimate lifeform, want to know what I feel? Let's go... Promise me first to not lie!

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ROLLEPLAY! I knock on your door and ask you for a date, what is your response?

We can give it a try
Like friends!

Umm... *reads paper* what's your hobby..?

Drawing, writing, reading and others
Playing, fighting, bulling and another
Guns, swords, war and another
Keeping promises, help, search and another

We're in a party and you didn't know I would be there, what would you do?

Kiss you
Hug you
Talk to you
Ignore you

Sorry of it was short! Did you like it?

A little
It's ok...

What would you do if I kissed you accendantally (sorry if spelled wrong)?

Slap you (Q.M: SAAAAME!)
Stay and look at you
Kiss back
Kiss back deeply (shadow: *blushes* .////. )

Shadow/me: I excuse me if you don't like your results but I'm only trying to be honest as much as possible. Okay... *reads paper* question one... the most annoying question... What's your favourite colour?

Black and another colour
Blue and another colour
Red and another colour
Green and another colour

What's a 'perfect' date?

Kill you (Q.M: I know why you are taking this quiz...
Shadow: I'll kill you first...)
Anywhere quiet and peaceful
Anywhere with action! (Shadow: *rolls eyes* Q.M: