Your Outlook on Love: SM4 Style

Your Outlook on Love: SM4 Style

After reading our post, see where you fall. Is it where you thought it would be?

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Your guy is tweeting some girl that you've never seen before...and the topic of their converstaion is making you uneasy. What do you do?

Tweet both of them telling them exactly where they can go to be together
Hack into his account and tell the girl where she can go......then deactivate his account.
Unfollow him, block him, delete his number from your phone, and set the teddy bear he got you for Valentine's ablaze!
Call him and ask who she is....and he'd better not say the wrong thing.

Pick the Greek Goddess you identify with.

Themis - Goddess of divine justice, order and customs
Athena - Goddess of wisdom
Hecate - Goddess of the wild places
Aphrodite - Olympian Goddess of love and beauty.

Which man would you date/marry?

Submissive man who does as you say
Smart man who offers good converstaion
Man who doesn't mind you being possesive
Prince Charming who sweeps you off your feet with romance

Pick your beverage

Fine Wine
Expensive Champagne
Vodka and cranberry juice

Pick your movie

Save the last dance
Bridges of Madison County
Romeo Must Die
A Walk to Remember

What would you get your guy for Valentine's Day?

Get him something??? Valentine's Day is about me!!!
Something practical that he can a wallet or cologne set.
I won't know until I see what he got me....and ut better be good!
Something that will make him think of personalized cufflinks or and engraved dogtag.

How will you know he's ready to meet your parents/family?

When i know he'll do exactly as I say and let me do all the talking
When I know he has great conversational skills and practical tastes
When I see he can go six months without pissing me off
When I start feeling like he will marry me.

What are your thoughts after a break-up?

"He wasn't good enough for me anyway....@#%&*!"
"Another one bites the dust...back to the drawing board"
"I bet that @#!&% was cheating.....I'LL KILL HIM!"
"Guess it wasn't meant to be....someday my prince will come"