would I date u? boys only plz ;)

would I date u? boys only plz ;)

im looking 4 a guy if u get a good result message me... ;) iv just been dumped...:(

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are you ok with me having huge boobs?

yes I love boobs!

how old are you?

11 or younger
12 to 14
15 or older

do u...

luv 2 travel!!!
play sport
sit with my girl

where would u take me on a first date?

picnic on the beach
sports game
night club

if I am being bullied what would u do? :(

stand up for me
walk away

do u like girls who are


how tall r u?

very tall
just taller than most hot girls

what r u like?

I like to play computer\video games
I would like to have a girl in my arms rite now :( so I can grab her ass and kiss her I hope you don't mind a tongue,..
I like to play sport and I am rely HOT meow ;)

what do you look 4 in a girl?

wired but cut and fun (quirky)
a hot sexy girl
a girl who's not afraid to get in bed...
a girl who loves to make out- I am an amazing kisser ;)

what would u like me 2 were?

a short skirt
a cute dress

if we were in a relationship what would u do?

make out... LOTS!
put ur hands on my boobs, (fun fact its rely comfy 4 girls 2 have someone's hand on there boobs
hold hands and hug

are u a,

class clown
hot guy who is a good kisser
quiet guy

if I am a girl u don't know but u have a crush on me at school do u,

come and hit on me
avoid me
come up and kiss me full on tonuge
ask me out
get ur friend to ask me out 4 u