What girl is for you (boys only)

What girl is for you (boys only)

This is a quiz about what girl is most likely your type. enjoy and tell me what you think

published on August 26, 201333 responses 2 4.8★ / 5

are you popular?

Yup. I'm the one everyone wants to be and my girlfriend is too
more like pretty and nice
no. I'm to quite
in the sports world
only in my group of friends

what sports do you do

football or baseball
academics or none
all of them
whatever my friends do

where would you find this girl

one of my football games
anywhere I am

do you care about school

only about being popular
what's school?
yeah. I guess
yup. If I don't do good in school then I don't get into a good college. If I don't get in a good college then I won't get a good job. If I don't get a good job then I won't have a happy life. Everything is on the line here
only enough so that I can do sports
school is ok. I like to see my friends

what would you like her to have

popularity and makes herself feel good
quietness and keeps to herself
supportive. like a friend

how would you like her to dress

trend setting
how her friends dress or to match you
cute and flirtatious
comfy so no one looks at her
t-shirt and shorts like she is ready for a run
good but she can decide

RP time!!!! you see your crush and she smiles at you. what do you do

follow her with your posy
try to talk to her
ignor her
talk to her about something you have in common
approach her and put your arm around her in a friendly way

what did you think of the quiz

I could do better
this was a quiz?
---- :l ----
absolutely. make another one