will you get a boyfriend?

will you get a boyfriend?

does your crush like you? or are ever going to get a guy in general? and what type? (my first quiz)

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when you see your crush or the guy you like you...?

wave and smile if your not busy go and talk to him
follow him, see if he talks about you!
give a smile or wave or completely ignore
who cares? BECAUSE I DONT
go and hang with him and his friends

how long have your relationships lasted in the past?

more than 3months
few weeks
long time I don't take break ups well..
this quiz is boring me...
a while not one to keep track though to much

texting! or calling?

he has to text? call first golden rule!
I could care less, does it matter?
ehh I don't think about it to much

what do you expect from him?

another best friend
someone to get in a little trouble with
just to hang, study partner, etc
everything, for him to be there when ever I need him!

on the weekends your normally?

home babysitting or something on the lines to where you cant go out
hanging with friends having a good time
doing what I want
looking him up on facebook, twitter etc

in school you tend to be?

more on the lines of the quite girl, except when im with my friends!
class clown always in trouble!
shy girl
you aim for the attention, pretty popular
with my friends, who cares about anything else?

people at school tend to think

your a trouble maker
kinda more into just you and your friends
outgoing ,funny and tons of fun

1st date expectations?

A. just a good time, your be yourself!
B. whatever goes I guess I don't really care!
C. I want us to hit off I want the "serious relationship" vibe
D. total excitement!
E. simply getting to know eacthother

in the past you tend to date?

class clowns, trouble makers
funny guys
really anyone
smart guys well layed out and sweet
no one...unless im bored