how bored are you (1)

how bored are you (1)

if you are bored then you will get 100 percent if you are not bored you will get 10 dont waste your time if your really not bored

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have you been outside your house today

yes i have been out of the house all day today and
just got home
i have been at the house but have been doing a little
bit of stuff and now just stopped
im at home and didnt do anything

if you were at the house and did nothing did you watch t.v

no what kind of person would stay home all day

if you had to choose a word what would it be

why will i pick a word

if you are bored then go outside and just take a walk

no that is boring

if you are not bored than u just wasted your time

no i didn't
well yeah i really did

if you are a little bored than you should watch t.v

yes master
no that is boring