Are you a good friend ?

Are you a good friend ?

Want to find our weather you are a total back stabber or the perfect BFF xx

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what did you buy your bff for their b-day ?

When was their B-Day ?! I didn't no so I didn't get them a prez
I got them I gift card for a shop they like
A small chocolate bar that I bought on the way to school
I got them tickets to a concert
A necklace they had wanted 4 a bit

How often do u go out to like the cinema or go shopping or a day trip (like water world or something )

twice a year, three times maybe...
Once every 4 or 5 months
About 2 or 3 times a month
Every few weeks

If they were upset about something( like, family problems, struggling at school, split with their BF )

what would u do to cheer them up ?

Nothing they will get over it !
Ask them if they r okay then walk off
Ask what's wrong then stay with them till they feel better
Talk to them, stay with them and help with their problem so they aren't upset anymore
Ask them wots wrong hug them a few times then leave

You both auditioned for the main part in a play, but they got it.

what would u do ?

Congratulate them,you are happy for them and they deserve it !
Say well done and be happy for them even though you cant help feel like you should of got it (but u wont make a fuss coz u were both good)
Give them abuse, and get the drama coach to give you the part instead
Say well done
Say well done then go and see the play that they are in

You both like the same guy/girl !!

what do you do ?

Start rumours about them to put the crush off of them
You both forget about them ! don't let a boy/girl come between you
leave it to the person you are both crushing on about who they want to date (if they do)
Let them have them...but flirt with the person behind your friends back
Let them have wont last

Last question ... Was there one certain friend on your mind throughout this hole questionnaire ?

Yeah totally all the way !
Yeah ~ well about 3 people
There was a group of people ~ about 8 or 9
No... I thought that I was hungary and wanted some food
I thought about all of my friends