Your Dream Job

Your Dream Job

What do you want to be????A waiter,A teacher,A celeb?In this quiz you'll find out which is your dream job!!! HOPE YOU LOVE IT!

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What describes yourself best?

I am a nice girl who loves to do stuff infront of a big audience
performing is my best talent
i love to help people feel better
i love to be the boss of everyone
I like to serve people
I like to teach childrewn

Your Ideal Purse is....

A beautiful blue velvet one
A plain normal white one
a brown floral one
a Louis Vutton one
a black one
A Victoria Secret one

Your fav colour?

Light Blue

What is your usual outfit?

A Casual outfit
A Red carpet Glam sort of outfit
A Very professional outfit
a very,very,very comfy outfit to wear
Your work uniforms
A nice clean outfit

What is you're favourite thing to do?

Serve People
Practice singing and Dancing
Make rules