what should I do?

what should I do?

ok I dont usualy make these but my I don't know what to do please help its about this guy that I still have feelings for

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we've been together 4 times already but we went out for ages last time

you've been out 4 timews already and it hasnt worked out is it so wise opening your hart for him agan?
if youve been out 4 times already you must have chemistry
he's messing with your head girl!!
I duno what to say hear

the last to times he has cheated on me with the same person :'(

he useing you!!!!
maybe he wantde more than what you could give him
I duno what to say hear
maybe its a lie just a rumer set up to plit u 2 up

the first time he aparentley cheated on me I found out when talking to the person he aparentley cheated on me with lets just call he evil person she said he asked her out and forgot he was going out with me and said yes to him. (it was the summer holidays and I was in England cisiting realatives at the time)

you seriousley beleived what she said
hmmmm I dont like the sound of this guy or Evil Person
if you broke up then you musent have trusted him fully anyway
I duno what to say hear

when I tryed to contact him over evil person saying thatt to me on FB he didnt ansew his phone, return my calls or reply to my texts

what a jerk!!
maybe he gave u the wrong number by mistake
maybe he lost his phone
duno what to say hear

Ok last time we went out wasnt that long ago, I though I had finaly figured him out we were kissing, hugging, holding hands, going down the street together at lunch, he would wait for me outside my classes and outside my mini bus(I live in the middle of no where lol) after shcool and he told me he loved me and wasnt afraid to kiss me infront of his freinds (we kissed with tongue all the time aswell) he also always told me he loved me and wanted me to go to his house (I was busy so I couldnt)

ohhh he waited for you outside of your classes thats so sweet
if he loved you why would he cheat on you
duno what to say

he also always walked me to my classes even if it ment him being late to his (he also kissed me and hugged me before I went in)

ooooh how cute
he's a user
I duno what to say

In french (were in bottom french lol we aint verry good at it) whenever we watched a movie he would come and sit next to me and we would cuddle and he also held my hand under the table (I'm still being teased about that)

oooh thats so cute
hes a user
duno what to say hear

when we were going out *acording to my one of my freinds in my reg class lets just call him Bob lol* he said that I was his honey bunny

lololololol honey buny lol
thats creapy lol
oooooh how cute
U duno what to say hear

ok last year I was talking to one of my X's (whos actualy best mate with him and he told me that he watches porn so I sked him if it was true (we wernt goiing out at the time) and he said yeh so what

so tones of guys watch porn
I dont even know what to say hear
that was a year ago he might not now

When we last broke up he had posted a coment of FB that he might be brakeing up with me so I went and asked him if he was brakeing up with me or not and he wouldnt give me an ansew I though it was beacause of Evil Person (remember her shes EVIL) he claimed that his Uncle may have been going to jail and couldnt deal with a realationship at that time, he couldnt give me an ansew so I broke up with him

he may have been teling the truth
you put him on the spot wasnt a good idia
duno what to say hear
good job u dumped him :)

ok so one lunch time me his mate and my freind went down the street I held his hand all the way there and back and of course we go teased lol but when we got back I was kissing him and my freind got upset so his freinds went to go get their bags wilst me and he tried to help my freind when the second bell went my freind went of to music and he walked me to tech slowly when we got to tech we kissed but I pulled away I didnt want to but I was worying about my freind and we were already late

oooh he's got a sensitive side
he cares that much about you that he was willing to be late to class
ooooh your poor freind what was she upset about *her step dad is horid to her* ooooooh poor her :(
duno what to say
his mates left him and he stayed with you ooooohhhh :)
you pulled away?

ok whenever we kissed he would pull me in realy close (I nearley fell over once lol) and when we hugged

oooooh how cute
lol u nearley fell over
duno what to say

a few times when we hugged/kissed he would put him hands on my ass...

hes a pervert!!!!
duno what to say

ok before we broke up he was flirting with Evil Person and she was flirting with him

maybe it was inocent
duno what to say

Evil Person said to me that he asked her out but he said to me that she asked him out

he's a cheater
they cant be trusted
duno what to say

when evil person found out we had broken up (last period) I saw them kissing when I got on my mini bus :'(

you had broken up with him
hes a cheater no one get's to that that fast shureley?
duno what to say

he only went out with evil person for about 2 weeks now people are saying he want to get back with me...

dont go back wae him what ever you do!!
there lieing
I duno what 2 say

he keeps trying to have playfull conversations with me again even thoe we broke up

he still loves u
dont fall for his tricks
he's messing with your head
duno what to say

we have stupid nick names for each other but we use them playfully he calls me Blondie, Small person and Midgit I call him tall person & giant

ooooh how cute
duno what to say

he can remember conversations we had from over a year ago :) like the loch Versus Lake argument lol

oooooh true love
duno what to say

he says i look amaizing without makeup

true love
he playing with your head
ooooh so sweet
duno what to say

I found out he's gona be in my Maths class in 3rd and 4th year (I was at tesco at the time) me and my freind (whos also gona be in my maths class had a cross between a laugh and a cry and a oh no reaction and he laughed and smiled

lol good luck wae at
oooh how sweet
oh no!!
have got a clue what to say

he was reay protective of me :)

oooh that is soooo sweet
not good!!!
duno what to say

he always trys to show of when I'm about

oooh he's trying to impress you
it's nothing hes just looking for atention
duno what to say

OK after all that info will you leave me any extra advice on what to do please I seriousley need it


oh yeh almost forgotto mention all my freinds hate them and last time they found out I was back wae him they almost cried at how stupid they thought my desion was

if your freinds dont like him you shouldnt
so what its your life