What type of fizzy drink are you ?

What type of fizzy drink are you ?

coke, pepsi, fanta, dr.Pepper...? and there is pently more for you to find out! So take this quiz honestly and enjoy it! :)

published on July 22, 201339 responses 11 4.2★ / 5

Your friend invites you to a party that is the biggest one you could ever go to! you reply..

Of course man! why wouldn't I ?
Just for the tastey food!
well I guess a party needs to be looked after by an expert?
duh yea ? what a silly question

What type of flavour do you like?

mixed! I love all fruits!
deep burnt taste, now that my style!
wild wild, explodeing tastes, you know ones where you can't figure out what flavour it is!
natraul, popular, fun...

what kind of person are you?

fun, wild, crazy
normal, ok, lazy, popular
who sorts people out , the leader basicley of my friends

whats your faviourt colour?

Don't have one really,.. RAINBOW!

finally do you like fizzy drinks? :/

nope, just felt like takeing the quiz..
ermm let me think, DUH? yes
yep who wouldn't man?

You go in a shop and buy?..