How do I not make my relationship awkward???

How do I not make my relationship awkward???

Some of you know, Cole and I are pretty close to being a couple! (I heard through the grapevine he was thinking of askin' me to be his girlfriend) But the last time we were a couple, I broke it off after a week because it was awkward. This time, I wanna do it right, SO HELP ME! Keep in mind, I don't want to seem clingy!

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Hug him more???

You're already doing that... Why do more of it?
No, try doing something different

Flirt with him more???

That's how you got him interested! You need to keep him interested!
Nah, try doin' somethin' different
TOTALLY! Batter your eyelashes too!

Hold his hand???

Well, when you become his girlfriend... then, yeah, but for now, no.
NOPE! Try to do something different... :|

Kiss him???

Do you really want to?
Only when you're his girlfriend and wait a week or two! Keep him interested, don't give in!
Nah,... maybe something a little different...

Call him by his nickname???
(He gave me a nickname from the whole snuggling thing in class. My nickname's leaner... :| SOOOO, I gave him one too! His is Hugger! Hehe, worst nicknames ever, but we told eachother we liked 'em!)

That's embarrasing....
Awww... How cute! Totally do it!
How about we don't call him by his really weird nickname?!

FINAL QUESTION:Do you think we sound like a cute couple? (If you need something to base your answer on, I have more quizzes about Cole that you can take)

YES! DEFINATELY! I don't see why you aren't perfect for eachother...
You're in love darling... <3
No, you aren't... I'm sorry, you're too different!
No, not to me...
Cute couple? YES! Made for eachother? NO!