Should you be their girl/boyfriend?

Should you be their girl/boyfriend?

See! I told y'all I'd make one for ya! This is to see if you should say yes to your other half if he/she asks to be yours. <3 Amor is a funny thing, eh? Hehe, yez it iz!

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Does he/she know your name?

Yes, they say it ALL the time <3 (In a loving way, not an annoying way)
No... :(
I don't know... Is that bad? (ME: Yes!)
Yah... I love when they say it... :}

How do they look at you?

Wait, they have to look at me?
Like I'm the most facinating thing in the world. (I know I spelt that wrong)
Like I'm the only person in the world...
I don't think they know I'm alive...

Do they know you're favorite color?

Do they need to? (Trust me, they need to know you before they can love you)
YAH! We tell eachother everything!
Um... It's black... or is it blue? Maybe it's... yellow? You know, I'm not really sure.

Do you feel the same way towards them?

Yes, I'm in love... <3
No, she/he's a kreep
If you mean I look in their window everynight, YES! (Okay, stop taking this quiz cuz ur a stalker and I can't help you!)
I only look in their window cuz she/he invited me to talk to them. It's kinda a romantic thing we do. I climb in a tree, they go out on their balcony. It's like olden times... <3

Does he/she touch you at all?

I get hugged A WHOLE BUNCH!
They always wrap their arm around me.
We kiss... A few times <3
We do what you and Cole do, snuggle in class while watching a movie! (But it wasn't a bad movie like the sound of music. Man, I feel bad that you were watching that movie with him) :)
No, they're disgusted...
I smell their hair whenever no ones looking... Does that count? (NO YOU KREEPER! LEAVE!)
I think they want to, but they're too shy... (ME: Try hugging them or playfully pushing them)

Have he/she confessed they have feelings for you?

Yes, multiple times
No, again, I think they're too shy (ME: Tell them how you feel. Just tell 'em straight up or do what Cole did and ask them how they feel about you)
No, we ain't like that...
Hehe, I imagined him/her saying that to me... What about that?! Does THAT count? (ME: NO YOU KREEP! THAT DOESN'T COUNT! JUST LEAVE! NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!)

How do you know eachother?

We are best friends... (Don't let this little fact impact your choice, but best friends tend to marry eachother later on in life) <3
We met through some friends and we became close
Aquantinces (ME: You don't really know them, don't date them. If you really do know them, you good to go!)
I see him/her undress from my bedroom... :p (ME: OMG! YOU PEEPING TOM! THAT IS SOOO NASTY! STOP TAKING MY QUIZZES!!!)
I watch them from a distance. I haven't really worked up the nerve to talk to them yet... But I will. (ME: You ain't a kreep, you just shy. My advice, don't date 'em till you know 'em better...)

FINAL QUESTION:Do you think you have a chance at true love?

YES! DEFINATELY! I am completely devoted and so are they! We are already making wedding arrangements!
Yes. It's a little spark, but could go up into flames and become a fire of passion. <3
No, I have a feeling that we won't make it.
I've known them for forever! How could we not make it?
I will do my best to make it!
I seriously don't like them... so no, we won't!
Hehe, in my diary, we live happily ever after and have 100 babies!!! (ME: YOU STILL HAVEN'T LEFT YET? YOU'RE SUCH A KREEPER! WHY DO YOU EVEN TAKE THESE QUIZZES?!)