Are You A Lover or a Fighter?

Are You A Lover or a Fighter?

Want to know if you're a lover or a fighter? Find out here by just answering a few simple questions!

published on July 19, 201340 responses 7
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A kid is bullying you. What do you do?

Punch him in the face.
Curse at him, bully him back.
Ignore him.
Change the subject, walk away, tell an adult, etc.

Your sister blames you for something you didn't do. What do you do?

Scream in her face and slap her across the mouth.
Push her and and yell, "NO I DIDN'T!"
Calmly explain to your parents that you didn't do it.
Show proof that your sister did it, not you. (Calmly.)

You got mad over something ridiculous and at the same time you're telling your friend about it. What do you do?

You take all your anger out on him.
Blame him for it.
Try to hold in your anger; realize talking to your friend
makes you feel better.
Calmly tell him what happened, have him control or
help you with your anger.

Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is dating someone else, and you're jealous. What do you do?

Run over to them and scream in your
boyfriend/girlfriend's face.
Come up with a plan to make them break up.
Walk away, forget this is happening.
Move on, try to forget about him/her, find someone
else who'll make you happy.

Last question. Your best friend breaks you out of jail and you get caught. What do you do?

Run, but when the police tackle you down, you punch
them in the face.
Scream at your friend for getting you caught.
Admit that your friend did this, but lie that it was your
idea so your friend won't be in trouble.
Surrender so you'll be arrested again with bigger
consequences, but plead to the cops that you'll let
your best friend go.