Am I being played by the guy I like???

Am I being played by the guy I like???

As some of you know, I've been trying to choose between two guys and I have kinda chose Cole. Problem is, he has a rep for being a player... Help me!

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He said general things while he was listing off why he likes me...
(Example: You're funny, smart, and sexy.)

You're bein' played like a recordplayer!
No, he truly means it...
I don't know...

He's dated over 28 chicks (so he says) and he's been to 3rd base (also, as he says)

He's a player! Back up!
So... Maybe he's over exaggerating...
Maybe he actually has
Are you scared because he might have actually done that? (My answer: YES!)

We aren't bf and gf and he's hugging me, given me a nickname, and we have basically cuddled while watching a movie in class (Ok, I started the cuddling... :) Guilty)...

Playing you
Maybe it's just puppy love
You're just... I don't know... Maybe he is, maybe he isn't...

He offered to walk me home...

Playin' ya like a harp!
That's pretty creepy...
What's wrong with that? (My answer: Nothing, but pay attention to next question and you'll see)

When we hug or talk...Sometimes, it's awkward...

Most relationships start that way darling
Playing you like a fiddle in one of those country songs that tim mcgraw sings!
It's healthy for it to be...awkward sometimes

I'm very, do you think I'll get hurt if I trust Cole?

Maybe so
I don't know

Will you comment? Or give extra advice?

Yah, it's totally worth helping a hopeless romantic
Nah, you know... I have my own relationship to fix
I don't know
Nope, sorry