Do you have true friends?

Do you have true friends?

Are your friends close or distant? Complete this quiz to find out if your friends enjoy your company and you enjoy their's.

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Your friends saw this party and wanted to go, but you say you can't. They...

Go anyways. I mean, you don't need everyone to have fun, right?
Think about going, but most of them wouldn't go. It's just out of respect. They don't want to leave me out.
Go and turn their phones off. I will text them but they don't respond for another two or three days.

Do you ever feel like your friends are having more fun with each other than with you?

Yes. It seems like when I'm there, there's something
everyone is thinking that I don't know about.
LOL nope. Without me there, they end up texting me the whole time. "Wish you were here" and "what are you doing?" are constantly popping up on my phone.
Not really, but sometimes it feels like they'd rather me
not be there.

When's the last time you guys hung out?

Last month...we've all been super busy I guess.
We're hanging out right now! We're just watching a movie on Netflix, though, so I decided to take a quiz to skip through the boring part. they have something planned but I was busy so they went without me.

Do you and your friends create inside jokes?

A ton! There's so many from all these crazy places we went together!
What's an inside joke?
Yeah, but there are a couple that they have that I don't really know about...

Do your friends tell you about big plans?

Yeah. Sometimes I hear about it from someone else though.
Yes. And most times they invite me to come.
Yeah, but it usually just comes up once we have nothing else to say, and they change the subject quickly afterwards.

Do your friends make plans with each other in front of you, without inviting you to come?

Yeah, but it's only because they are comfortable enough around me to do that.
Yeah, but sometimes I ask if I can come and they will say yes.
Not really, I think it happened once but I don't even remember.