Does he like/love you?

Does he like/love you?

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published on July 04, 2013157 responses 11
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what do you two ever talk about?

we never talk
he's just nasty to me all the time!
about something we've done in the past, really, that's it. He talks to other people more
about EVERYTHING... geeze, we don't even stop to breathe
just about our lives
about our common interests, sometimes he compliments me
he always asks me how my day was and how i've been getting on and all that, and then he even shows off
he pretends to be shy in front of other people, but when we're alone he blabs my ears out
he gets too shy and embarrassed!

How does he act with other girls?

At least he notices them!
way better than he acts with me, he treats me like s***
flirts with them more
idk i never really notice
just like he acts with me; flirts and all that
he talks to them, but we do more things together
he doesn't really talk to other girls, only me!
one minute he's all flirty with me, the next he goes off and hugs other girls!

Has he ever spoke to you?

never. I only know his name cause of other people
saying it.
no. He doesn't want to speak to me! He gives me dirty
looks when i walk past him.
yeah, he speaks to me quite a bit.
he ALWAYS speaks to me, we're like best friends
he speaks to me, but doesn't really notice me that
he speaks to me, but mostly to other people,
sometimes he even avoids me.
omg... he never stops talking. he's always trying to
make convo!
sometimes he's nice and sometimes he gets really rude
when he talks to me, sometimes he just blanks me.

does he compliment you?

no... we don't even speak to each other
no! he only harasses me!
not really
sometimes out of a joke
yes, once or twice he has
sometimes, but he gets embarrassed after
a lot!

Has he ever touched you in any way?

Kissed me... for a dare?
he hates me, he doesn't want to touch me!
once or twice, but he flinched away
once or twice, but he doesn't mind me touching him
he touches me a lot (not in a rude way)
we held hands before, but just cause of a game
we hugged once or twice or more
we held hands AND hugged before
he touches me, but touches other girls as well so :L
we touch each other in a playful way

does he tease you?

never. i don't think he knows i exist!
does "in a mean way" count?
not really, but we do talk
sometimes, out of a game
teases me a lot
Always nervous, but does sometimes
ALWAYS, out of a joke everytime
yes. Sometimes out of a joke, and then in a mean way!

Do you ever catch him staring at you?

never really
just a spiteful stare!
I never know
just those weird looks he gives me when someone
mentions something we both know about or something
funny, or trying to mime talk to me in class/work
only once, that's it, but he looked away
a few times
ALWAYS stares at me... can get a little creepy
once or twice, thats it.